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On its homepage, Tippmix welcomes players with several pre-compiled, multi-event coupons. For these, the resulting (combined) odds are already calculated in advance. We are not dealing with calculations here.

If you are interested in the resulting odds of your bets made on a slip, you will not need a separate calculator here. The final winning multiplier here will be the product of the individual odds.

On the other hand, if you are wondering what the resulting odds of your multiple bet would be, or how many winning tips and with what odds your combination bet would be profitable, a separate Tippmix odds calculator has unfortunately not been added to the page.

It is not worth dealing with “Tippmix” calculators or applications found on the Internet, because they are the same “accumulator bet” or “system bet calculator” as you can find on more serious sports betting sites, and you do not need to download anything for them.

To interpret combination bets, you can also use our System bet (after the English term system bet) articles here, or study the Tippmix Index booklet, where you will also find a detailed description in tabular form.

Sports betting toto tips

Sports betting toto tips

Just like the classic slot betting, the “13+1” toto is still alive and well in Hungary. This is the oldest form of domestic sports betting; the first, at that time, 12 toto coupons were issued in 1947.

In today’s toto, you have to fill in 13+1, also pre-specified soccer betting tips in the 1X2 system and goal toto. Completing the Goalkeeper is optional. Here you have to guess the exact final result of 6 out of 14 matches, and you can win from 4 hits. Goalkeeper can only be played in combination bet mode.

New coupons come out once a week. Make-up matches are used to make up for possible match cancellations. You will have 2 hours from the time you play the ticket to make the payment.

You need at least 10 hits to get paid. Today, it is also possible to mark a combination toto, here the bet is the product of the number of basic games and the basic prize (270 HUF).

If there are no hits, the winnings can accumulate in one fund for a maximum of one year. If necessary, the game organizer Szerencsejáték.hu also gives quick tips.

lists the highlighted X tips and collects them for you in a section. You just have to place the bet!

The best Tippmix sites are only mouthpieces where the official betting offers of Szerencsejáték Zrt. are displayed. You should not fall for all kinds of paid “Tippmix chances” and Facebook tipsters! A common form of deception is that “tippers” show winning tickets downloaded from the Internet or some machined image as a reference. Or they cheat with their statistics, or they don’t even send out the same tips to their paying customers.

You can also find Tippmix offers in the sports betting supplement of Nemzeti Sport. The weekly Szerencsemix publication also contains special betting offers.

Finally, it is best to view sports betting as paid entertainment and not as an investment. If your card came in and you won big, great. If not, then keep in mind that the game, i.e. brain work, combining, and excitement was the point.

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