How to win in online casino: Tips & Strategies for Casino Slots

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How to win at the online casino: This is a question that most likely every gambler has asked himself at least once in his life. If only there were some 100% strategy or secret tricks that would always win. As much as we hate to tell you, there isn’t. There is no sure way or tip that will make you clear every day at the casino slots and relieve the online casinos of money. However, there are a few important points that you should consider when choosing casino slots. So sit back, relax and read our guide article. Because today we’re going to show you some online casino tips & strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning.

1. choose casino slots with the highest payout odds (AQ)

As we said before, there is no universal strategy and no guide: “This is how you always win at the online casino!”. But we can help you by showing the payout odds for each casino game & slot. But even here it should be noted that these are only the payout percentages given by the manufacturers. Partially, the payout ratio of online casinos among themselves is slightly different. Most of the time, these are not big differences, but every little percent makes a difference in the long run. So if you are wondering how to win at online casino, this was your first clue.

All casino games, whether it’s roulette, blackjack or casino slots, have a set payout percentage (AQ) that shows the average payout of winnings in favor of the player in the long run. Unlike gaming arcades, this is a huge advantage for the player, because the classic arcades do not have a statutory payout ratio, but only a maximum loss limit in the hour. Anything over 97% already has a very high payout. These casino slots will pay back more in the long run than games or slots that feature a lower rate. To learn more about payout odds and their effect on casino play, be sure to read through our guide to payout odds (AQ).

However, before we go into more tips and strategies on how to win at the online casino, you need to realize that you can win or lose at any slot or casino game, regardless of its payout percentage. Even with a payout percentage of 100%, there is no guarantee of winning, because these percentages are based on a very long period of time and not just on one gaming session of a particular player. That is why we recommend you to try different types of games with different payout percentages and soon you will realize which casino game and which type of slot suits you and your playing style the best. Because the payout ratio makes a lot of difference, but doesn’t say everything!

2. the different casino slots

A next step to understanding how online casinos pay out and how you can increase your chances of winning is to look at the different casino slots. Each type of slot has its own payout behavior, but not every slot will suit you personally. Therefore, it is important to try out different games (this is also possible in free play).

These are the most common slot types you will encounter in online casinos:

  • ▶️ Theme-based slots.
  • ▶️ Classic slots
  • ▶️ Card & Table Games.

All casino slots also differ in:

  • ▶️ Gameplay (classic, video, progressive).
  • ▶️ Availability (Country Specific)
  • ▶️ Average AQ
  • ▶️ Features (fruits, free spins, bonus feature).

You see, there are extremely many different types of slots that you can explore. Just try them out. It’s important to learn how the different games run, what they offer and what you can expect from them. You are sure to find slots that appeal to you. Once you have found some, please only wager money that you can actually use to play. Be prudent with the amount of your bets and also pay attention to the volatility of a slot when making your choice. Volatility should always be considered in conjunction with the payout ratio (AQ). If you are still unfamiliar with this term, feel free to browse through our guide on volatility. Otherwise, we also go into it in this online casino guide under point 4.

3) Take a close look at the paytable and the number of paylines.

number of paylines

Taking a look at the paytable of a slot is an essential point of every player. Especially if the casino game offers the possibility of free spins or bonus features. How are you supposed to know how they are triggered if you have no idea about the game, the individual symbols and thus the paytable. That’s why in all of our casino games reviews we go into detail about these particular points. Yes, the paytable cannot help you win more, but knowing it will definitely help you.

Through the paytable you can see all the important symbols at a glance and thus distinguish high symbols from low symbols. It is like an instruction manual. It can be quite annoying to build a cabinet without having a manual. Provided that you are not a professional and thanks to your experience you can see everything at a glance. If you still don’t fully understand the gameplay, don’t worry. You can always open the payout table. To be fair, there are sometimes really complicated or even poorly designed casino slots. To fully familiarize yourself with the casino slot, we mostly recommend the free game. Here you can try out the respective game at your leisure, and without risk. A large number of online casinos in our comparison offer free play without registration. With some casino providers, however, even a quick free registration is enough.

In addition to all the points already mentioned, such as the payout table and the payout ratio, it also always depends on the number of paylines that the respective slot offers. For some slots, the number of paylines cannot be changed, but for others it can. As a rule, depending on the gameplay, the manufacturers tend to offer 1 to 1024 paylines. An exception here is the provider Big Time Gaming (BTG), which has made it its trademark to use Megaways. Here you can win on countless paylines. A good example here, is the well-known Bonanza slot.


▶️ The more paylines a game has, the more winnings you will achieve.


▶️ The more paylines a game has, the lower the individual winnings.

Therefore, it is always important to look at a slot as a whole and check all facts and data. A game with almost 98% payout ratio and very many paylines will keep you in the game for a very long time, because the slot always gives small to medium wins, but you will very rarely get high wins or really big big wins. If we now take a game that also has a very high payout rate of 98% but only 5 paylines, you will quickly notice that wins rarely come in this casino slot. Instead, they are usually medium-high to high. Also, it is important which game type is behind the game. As an example, we have chosen the well-known and very popular Play’n Go slot Book Of Dead. Thanks to this particular type of free spins, within the free spins it almost doesn’t matter whether you play on 10, 5 or 1 payline. Only the payout behavior and frequency outside of the free spins will differ greatly.

4. volatility is important when choosing slots

You’ve already read some tips, but we have a few more in store. To find a good casino slot that can pay really good and high winnings, you need to pay attention to the volatility as well. Often you will also find the term variance under this point. In the end, both mean the same thing. If you are wondering how you can win in online casinos, you need to deal with the term variance / volatility. To explain the word in simple terms: Volatility shows you how often and in what amount a casino slot pays out winnings. With many providers you will find both the payout ratio (AQ) and the volatility listed in the game description. However, there are also some manufacturers that make a secret out of it.

Generally, you can divide the variance into:

  • ▶️ Low volatility
  • ▶️ Medium volatility
  • ▶️ High volatility

If you choose a casino slot with low volatility, you will usually get a lot of small wins. However, this does not mean that this casino game cannot pay out big wins. They are just much rarer to find. A game with high volatility pays out less frequent winnings, but they are quite appealing in terms of amount. Therefore, keep in mind that you should have a lot of patience and a reasonable budget when playing high volatility games.

It is really important that you only choose online casino games that suit you. Don’t play slots just because they were good on a friend or streamer. If your budget is not that big, you should rather choose a casino game with a low volatility. With luck, you can work your way up there, increase your money and then venture to the big slots (with high volatility). Always remember – you can always switch back and forth between games depending on how lucky you are or what your gut tells you.

5. set limits for yourself

set limits for yourself

Gambling addiction – one of the most important points, even though you hear it over and over again. It is extremely important that you set a realistic and reasonable limit for yourself. You must have control over yourself and the casino game at all times. Don’t let the online casino slot take control of you, your emotions and ultimately your money. Set yourself a monthly limit:

  • How much money can I easily bet each month to play!
  • How much time can I invest in this hobby!
  • All other daily tasks must be manageable without any problems!
  • Do not neglect friends & family!

In our online casino comparison, we test online casino providers for all the important facts for you. Be it the registration, payout, welcome bonus or the casino games offer. In many tests, the customer support and especially the player protection is not considered. Not so with us. We are passionate players ourselves and know exactly what is important. Therefore, the player protection also takes a high value in our online casino rating. Good, reputable online casinos now offer a large number of different settings that will help you control yourself and your gaming behavior.

These settings are available for your protection:

  • ▶️ daily, weekly, monthly betting limit.
  • ▶️ max. playing time per day, week, month
  • ▶️ max. bet per game round
  • ▶️ time pop-ups for game duration.
  • ▶️ daily, weekly, monthly deposit limit.
  • ▶️ time out / time out period
  • ▶️ Exclusion / Suspension

On the last two points time out as well as lockout, we want to go into more detail again. If you feel that your losses have been too high lately, you can have yourself banned from the casino for a certain period of time. This usually goes from 1 month to 1 year. This varies from online casino to online casino. This process is commonly known as a time out or time out. Exclusion or lifetime ban means that you will never be able to play at that online casino again under your verified details. This step should be thoroughly considered as it is irreversible. Especially if you have been a player at this casino provider for a long time and have unlocked many bonuses and are high up in the loyalty program, it does not make sense to block yourself for life only to start again from scratch after a certain time at another online casino. Here, if the money and the personal condition allow it, a time out would make more sense. Nevertheless, the protection of the players and their own well-being always comes first!

6. take advantage of casino bonus offers

Now that you know how casino slots work and we have also covered the topic of player protection, we give you another important tip: Look for a good online casino with a good name, or provider behind it and a good reputation. What do we mean by that? Well, if an online casino provider really cares about its customers, i.e. its players, then it provides you with a safe and fair gaming environment. But there is much more to it than that. Anyone who has dealt a little with online casinos knows how many different providers there are and how fiercely competitive the market is. Therefore, every casino must ask itself the question of how best to secure the attention of players. This is done on the one hand through a good rating at online casino comparison sites like, as well as through advertising. With advertising you secure a short time attention and this must be used. Therefore, online casinos try with special welcome bonus offers to generate new players. But even that is too little in the long run. If new players leave quickly, the provider has not gained anything in the long run. Loyal, faithful players are important. And these are also best secured through competitions, casino tournaments, casino bonuses, loyalty points and so on! So why shouldn’t you take advantage of this competition and claim the best casino bonus offers. In our guide article on the subject of casino bonus comparison you will find all the important information and tips that can help you in your search for the best casino bonus.

7. find a casino bonus without turnover requirements

As mentioned in the previous point, the competition for customers is extremely fierce. This is solely your advantage! The offers are always to the advantage of an online casino, but due to the pressure and the competition, the conditions for the players are always better. There are countless casino bonus offers: Welcome packages, cash back, reload bonus and with a few providers even casino bonus without turnover requirements. The big pioneer here is the very well-known Piggy Bang Casino. In our Piggy Bang Casino review, we will introduce you to this provider in detail and also go into the casino bonus without turnover requirements.

Our exclusive casino bonus codes and no deposit bonus offers are also very popular with our readers. No Deposit Bonus simply means that you receive a casino bonus without making a deposit, just by registering for free with the respective online casino provider. Mostly we are talking about 5 – 10 euros free credit, with which you can try out the online casino without using your own money. However, the turnover requirements are rarely met here. But hey, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Other examples would be free spins, which are granted to you without a deposit. These are usually limited to 1 or 3 casino slots. Under our menu item Casinos you will also find the welcome bonus listed for each online casino. Here you can look for suitable casino bonus offers. A request at the end of this topic. Please always check the bonus conditions. In our casino tests, we usually go into the most important turnover requirements, but you should research and test on your own responsibility, whether this casino bonus is also suitable for you personally.

Are there tricks & cheats for online casinos?

We have already written it many times in this guide article. To be honest: Unfortunately no! There have never been and will never be legal tricks or cheats that guarantee you winnings. The same is true for strategies. There will never be a strategy in this world that will always guarantee you a profit. This does not mean that you cannot win at the online casino. Of course you can and with luck you can win quite a lot. But these winnings are all based on the factor of luck or chance. The right game, with the right bet at the right time. There is no tip, trick or cheat to make you a millionaire through online casino winnings. All you can do is follow our tips, learn more about the individual casino slots and winning chances and work on your gaming behavior. After that, Fortuna will decide about your luck.

This is how you win at the online casino: Summary

Unfortunately, we can not tell you a definitive, one hundred percent formula with which you will always win at the online casino. There is simply no secret trick, tip or perfect strategy. But we hope that we could give you some important hints and tips that will help you lose less. The most important thing is to always play with a clear head. Have a plan and consciously set yourself limits. Then you can go in search of the perfect casino slot.

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